Hong Yi Huang


I'm happy to give talks/lectures to everyone on any topic that I'm familiar with. The following are my talks about my research projects.


  • 30th November: Bases for permutation groups [webpage]
    Algebra Seminar, University of Birmingham
  • 26th September: Symmetry breaking on graphs and groups [webpage]
    Seminars on Discrete Mathematics, Xiamen University
  • 16th September: Permutation groups: bases and Saxl graphs [notes]
    Capital Normal University
  • 7th September: Bases for permutation groups [notes]
  • 23rd March: Bases for permutation groups [notes]
    Junior London Algebra Colloquium, Imperial College London
  • 4th March: Symmetry breaking on primitive groups [slides | webpage]
    Seminars on Groups and Graphs, SUSTech


  • 5th September: Base-two primitive permutation groups [slides | video]
    Young Group Theorists Workshop, Les Diablerets
  • 18th August: Bases, distinguishing partitions and probabilistic methods [slides | webpage]
    Discrete Structures and Algorithms Seminar, University of Melbourne
  • 4th August: Base-two primitive permutation groups [slides]
    Groups St Andrews, Newcastle
  • 24th July: Base-two primitive groups and their Saxl graphs [slides]
    Groups and Graphs, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology
  • 8th July: Base-two primitive permutation groups [slides]
    23rd Postgraduate Group Theory Conference, Imperial College London
  • 24th May: Bases for primitive permutation groups [slides | webpage]
    Group Theory Seminar, SUSTech
  • 19th February: Regular orbits of primitive groups on power sets [slides | webpage]
    Group Theory Seminar, SUSTech


  • 13th December: Base-two primitive permutation groups and their Saxl graphs [slides]
    43rd Australasian Combinatorics Conference, University of Melbourne
  • 14th November: Regular suborbits of finite primitive groups [slides]
    Groups, Graphs and Combinatorics, SUSTech
  • 8th November: Base-two primitive permutation groups and their Saxl graphs [slides]
    LMS Graduate Student Meeting Winter 2021
  • 9th October: The distinguishing number of permutation groups
    Group Theory Seminar, SUSTech
  • 21st May: Groups, graphs and transitivity [slides]
    Junior Algebra Colloquium, UoB
  • 22nd April: The probabilistic method in group theory [slides | webpage]
    Discrete Mathematics Seminar, SUSTech
    (This was also the third part of the following talk.)
  • 11th March and 8th April: Simple groups, fixed point ratios and applications (I and II) [slides I | slides II]
    Seminar on Classical Groups, SUSTech
  • 2nd January: On valency problems of Saxl graphs [slides]
    Workshop on Group Actions and Transitive Graphs, Kunming, China


  • 26th November: On valency problems of Saxl graphs [slides]
    Discrete Mathematics Seminar, SUSTech
  • 17th November: On valency problems of Saxl graphs [slides]