Hong Yi Huang


As a teaching assistant or tutorial leader

  • 2023/24 TB2: MATH10010 Introduction to Group Theory, UoB
  • 2021/22 TB1: MATH10010 Introduction to Proofs, UoB
  • 2019/20 Spring: MA109 Advanced Linear Algebra, SUSTech
  • 2019/20 Fall: MA107 Advanced Linear Algebra I, SUSTech
  • 2018/19 Spring: MA104b Linear Algebra II, SUSTech

As a homework marker

  • 2020/21 Spring: MA321 Group Representation Theory, and MA219-16 Elementary Number Theory, SUSTech
  • 2019/20 Fall: MA321 Group Representation Theory, and MA219 Abstract Algebra (H), SUSTech
  • 2018/19 Spring: MAT8010 Combinatorics (PG), SUSTech
  • 2018/19 Fall: MA219-16 Elementary Number Theory, and MA213-16 Mathematical Analysis, SUSTech